The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

By | February 4, 2015


The Truth About Fat Burning Foods tells you, that there are no magic foods that you can eat and lose extra fat over night. It is not possible to “triple your fat burning rate” or “lose 5 pounds over 1 night” like you may have seen in weight loss advertisements. Fat burning foods do exist, but they do NOT include “secret ingredients inside”. If you take all natural food, without any artificial included, extra fat in your body will naturally reduced. Including, diet plans with separate ebook for Condiments, snacks &  seasonings, Drinks, superfoods and “your grocery cart” ebook to help you on where and what to buy.






In his own words, Nick Pineault a “nutrition nerd” who studies food, nutrition and how they effect our body. Making effective food choices and get you a healthy body is his target. With busy day-to-day life, people don’t have time to go through all the research papers, articles, documentaries and books to find what is best for our body, while Nick Pineault enjoys doing that.

His work is endorsed by many of the food experts, fitness coaches and fat loss experts all around the world, it tells us something. He’s awesome at his field!



These ebooks are included:

Truth About Fat Burning Foods

In-depth answers to these questions:

  • Do Fat Burning Foods Really Exist?
  • What’s Healthy?
  • Is There A Big Conspiracy?
  • Should You Freak Out?
  • What Are You Talking About?

With, Your 24-Hour Diet Makeover Blueprint

4 Step Diet Fix

If your food cravings are sabotaging your diet…or you think you’re the worst cook on earth because you’re always eating bland, microwavable foods, or you stress out making healthy food choices when you travel…OR you’re lost when you have dinner with friends….
End your frustration and teach you exactly how to create a consistent, fat-burning environment in your life 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

Condiments Snacks Seasonings


  • Choose the right essential condiments using the guidelines on page 7
  • Replace your granola bars and protein bars using the guidelines on page 17



  • Drink your coffee black or use healthier toppings
  • Replace your sports drinks with coconut water

Protein Fat Carbs


  • Try a new coconut product (coconut oil, milk, cream, butter, flour, etc.)
  • Buy grass-fed beef instead of grain-fed beef


Learn the real truth about all the “scammy” superfoods you should avoid, along with the rarely used superfoods that are worth your money and give you REAL fat-burning benefits after you drink them.


There are literally thousands of reasons why you shouldn’t invest in just ANY ran-dom supplement. That’s because none of them are regulated. Sad but true. Learn what products and companies are worthy of using. Just a few basic recommendations can make a world of difference in your plan.

Your Grocery Cart

Learn precisely WHAT foods you need to put in your grocery cart every week when you’re shopping so you’ll always be eating the best fat burning foods knowing, The Truth About Fat Burning Foods.






1). Nick Pineault isn’t certified?

Nick Pineault claims that an average person knows about nutrition better than most doctors, so he thinks that nutritionist certification is just an empty piece of paper. Anyhow this product contains in depth of information and scientific proofs in the end of each book.

2.) The Fake Scam Alerts on Internet

As you know this is a marketing trick used by the web designers to drive you into the site, thinking that this product is a scam product. But inside all you will see is a detailed review on the product and all the positive side of it.

3.) Offering the Product for Free

There are “Download Now” buttons on the related website which are calming to be offering this product for free of charge. Mostly, they ask you to install programs on your computer, are either adwares or viruses which will ruin your computer’s operating system. Don’t get yourself fooled by those false advertisements, these digital products can only be given for free by the product owner or a trusted party with full permission of the owner. So it’s against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and no one risks their jail time for giving these for free.

4.) Fake Reviews ?

This is actually pretty common, used by many to get a better trust from people. If a product is wroth buying, the average market don’t care about what other people say about the product, they just give it a go. Most of the reviews of this product, I read were written by nutrition or fitness experts, physical therapists, medical students or fat loss experts from different states in USA, describing how the product is effective for their clients/students.


  • All the foods in these recipes are natural food, no artificial foods, no medications are included.
  • No need to cook extra just for you, as everyone eat the right way. You’ll learn the healthy and correct method of food preparation.
  • Programs includes a money back guarantee of 60 days. If you were gained no results, your money will be refunded.
  • Explains why unhealthy foods tastes so delicious, and how it has become a good business.
  • Includes tons of advices and methods, on how to make the natural/healthy foods delicious and eye-catching to kids.
  • Gathers all the problems the house wives face when preparing non-artificial foods for their beloved children.
  • Gives you a list of alternative foods and drinks to replace the unhealthy things we eat/drink everyday.
  • Even it compares how the coconut water is way better than so called Sports-Drinks.
  • Describes how to choose the best meet for your needs, how to filter the farmed meet and get the natural animal meet which don’t include artificial chemicals.
  • Summarize all the popular and unpopular foods people take and what are the advantages and disadvantages in each, when it comes to fat-burning.
  • And at the button of every book, there’s a big list of information sources to read more about each section.




In their official website there’s  separate section, full of positive reviews of various people. Not to mention in other social media websites like twitter and facebook, all mostly contain the positive effect of the program.

7.Conclusion Having an attractive body is everyone’s wish, Nick introduce us a natural food structure to archive that goal. Although it’s difficult to take natural food for every meal, he includes an alternative food for each unhealthy one we are used to take. SO we think this is really a good way to have a healthy body, You’ll be able to live a long happily life if you take lesser artificial food, that’s for sure!