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By | July 6, 2015

Everyone likes to or wants to stay fit and fine. But with age, it becomes quite difficult as with age, one has to face loads of health related problems. They tend to become weak and cannot manage themselves properly. Physically, from the external point of view, they starts to have wrinkled muscles, their shapes start to get disfigured. To avoid these problems, Old School New Body is here with the best solution. But the solution will only work on you physically and mentally if you maintain the program sincerely in a perfect manner.

Old School is a well known fitness program as we all know by now. The system is actually based on training methods which acts in a quite effective way. It has been proved to be highly beneficial in cases of physical amendments, hormonal stability and anti-aging. This program has so many benefits and positive effects that people are pretty much attracted towards it. But they are not only attracted, they have started with the training methods and we have received positive reviews mostly.


Through the process, it is clear how highly the system is in demand. As per the reviews, we can see and feel a positive vibe about the program. The system is very efficient and beneficial. One should definitely go for it and see the effects himself. You will be amazed to see yourself so fit and fine after processing with this system.

Steps in included PDF:

  1. Forget Low-Fat Diets
  2. Stop Running in Circles
  3. Stop Blaming Everything On How Old You Are
  4. Avoid Chronic Dehydration
  5. Work Out LESS (Yes, Less)

It is a natural thing to wonder who is behind this system. According to the PDF, his system or program was launched in the market by Steve Holman and Becky Holman. Steve Holman is the chief of Iron Man magazine as well as an editor. He is also a contributor, speaker and author in the media world which includes Martha Stewart, Fox News and Smart Money. On the other hand, Becky Holman is a wife as well as a mother. She is also a contributor to the Iron Man magazine. Both of them together create a perfect couple with an unbelievable wavelength match and this has been proved with them working together on this program.

Now, the question comes why and how this program came up. Becky and Steve have been married for almost 27 years now. Steve started with this weight training when he was 15 and had a thin fragile body. Right from then he started to train people which means he has been participating in this for approximately 35 years. Becky, his wife has been working out for like 20 years but she dropped it when she was in her 30s raising her daughters. While he turned 40, she made a decision of having a physical transformation as she was irritated with her overweight. She was able to prove herself within few months only as she turned herself into slim, fit and fine and why won’t she? She has the tremendous zeal and enthusiasm within herself which makes nothing impossible for her.


According to PDF, presently, she is a regular contributor as mentioned above and Steve has been the Editor in Chief under IM for almost 25 years or more. He has written around 20 books himself based on nutrition, weight training and bodybuilding. He has also published loads of articles written on burning of fat and building muscular body. You should definitely check his blog named “Built for Life” at IronManMagazine.com. Steve is extremely multi-talented. He has also interviewed lots of popular physique stars and the list includes names like Arnoid Schwarzenegger, Lee Labrada, Tom Platz and Cory Everson. EBooks written by him based on bodybuilding can be seen at X-traordinaryWorkouts.com and X-Rep.com. By now, we know the backgrounds of the makers of this system and hence, you can completely have faith and rely on this program.

Coming back to the program, what is this F4X method? Well, it is a process of training which is based on a method that has been gone and untouched. It is practically lost and the main reason is the intensity being emphasized. Most of the trainees prefer workouts with heavy and huge metals or equipments. People have an idea that heavy loads or excessive workouts will make them lose weight much faster which is completely a wrong idea.

Old School New Body

In most of the gyms, we tend to see people getting injured eventually. They either use pretty light weights or rest for too long thus, neglecting the purpose of going to gyms or they hurt themselves with heavy weights or equipments. People have an idea that heavy weights will make them lose weight faster which is a totally wrong concept. Instead, they can be harmful in several ways. These training methods will stress your body in an immense way, will jolt your joints and can also affect the immune system with excessive hormone release. There are several other pros and cons of training methods but you need to know the perfect ways to get the best results. Excessive training or too much rest none will help. You need the right proportion. Go through the PDF to know more on this.


Extra effort will not be fruitful always. You need to know the proportionate way to make the effort. The F4X method is a unique system which involves moderate loads so that you do not feel extreme stressed after exercises. It completely relies on short breaks between exercises which increases the growth of hormone release. GH leads to building of muscles, burning of fats as well as anti-aging cascade. That specific hormone decreases gradually as one gets older but this sort of training methods can turn into a real effective and progressive hormonal growth. In other words, you will be able to get the best shape ever and the aging marks will vanish, instead your muscles, joints and ligaments will be strengthened. The system is preferably a good and innovative program which is resulting in better ways just as people expect unlike the results produced by gyms these days. You can consult some gym trainees about the program. They will completely recommend you to use this system for workout for sure.

The F4X method invoked in this program burns huge fat which helps to pump the muscles to a great extent. Here, the process developed is sets of workouts with increasing loads successively. These exercises effect the hormonal growth in a much wider way. You need to buckle up your muscles to balance the hormonal growths. Perfect division of exercise and rest is very necessary. So, consult your trainee for an ideal segmentation and get the desired result.

The Review mentions it to be the simplest training program ever. If this interests you, it has been highly recommended to take a closer look at the program and you can even check the PDF for more info. You can even check the interviews on Positive Fitness and check them out for a stronger and better feel about the program.

According to John Rowley’s interview, you will get your money back if this system does not satisfy you completely. And he said this with a confidence you cannot even doubt. So, just try it out and check it yourself. It can be assured that you will not regret trying this out.

Old School New Body