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By | July 11, 2015

Numerologist | Numerology – Numbers, Patterns, Purpose

Everyone wants to conquer their challenges and control their lives. They wanted to be successful and happy. But, there are things which are unexpected or seemed to be uncontrollable that rattle their entire system.

Many people are taking the time to consider Numerologist. Well, this is a long established site which offers customized profiles and eBooks that help to provide people an in-depth knowledge about their career, future, health relationship and more.


What is Numerology?

This is an “ancient knowledge” which looks at several major relevant numbers of lives to identify weaknesses, ignored talents, strengths, potential obstacles and more. Results allow you to focus on things you need that help you determine the changes for your improved life. This is why Numerologist was established. Mike Madigan and his team are the people behind the site. They are certified and expert numerologists that customize the profiles and conduct a complete reading.


Numerologist Leading Products

  1. Premium Numerology Report – this is a 100 page document which provides a complete insight regarding latent talents, future life and true character.
  2. Chinese Numerology Analysis –This is based on a 4000 year old “Chinese Practice” that provides you with a deeper look about you and your energies.
  3. Romantic Compatibility Analysis –This type of report provides a clear and comprehensive advice about love and relationships. You will match your number with your partner to know if you’re really meant for one another.
  4. Customized Personality Profile –As the name suggests, you will get a personalized and in-depth analysis about yourself.
  5. Success and Life Snapshot –This report is valuable especially to those who are having challengers about their worries. This is especially perfect for those who earn better earnings or are looking forward of starting their own business.
  6. Complete 1-year Forecast –For an entire year, you can receive a life forecast for you to understand threats and opportunities that you might encounter. Through this, you can stay prepared and confident of meeting them.


Numerologist –The Good 

  • Detailed Reports –Majority of reports you will get are 71-100 pages long. The information provided holds a clearer insight about your future and true nature. If you desire for more, you can have a monthly forecast. This will depend on your purchase.
  • Surprising Accuracy –Clients feel that majority of predictions are somewhat uncannily true. This provides great confidence regarding their life direction which results to victory, joy and peace.
  • Quickness –You do not need to wait for a long span of time just to get reports. Just sign-up, pay the amount, and you will receive the said document through email for a few minutes.
  • Complete Customization –All reports are personalized according to your life major numbers.
  • 1st Report for Free –You read it right, the initial report you will get is 100 percent free for you to have a clear perception about the things you need to expect before paying a cent. For the longest time, this is the only site that provides you with a free reading. This only shows their interest, passion and faith about the things they need to do.
  • Serves as Motivator and Light of your Path –If you need an answer for any life questions, you’re uncertain which path to take for your maximum success. Then, a numerology report can act as your motivator and guide. The moment you are aware of your strength, opportunities will come next. You can easily overcome weaknesses and prevent threats as well.
  • 100 Percent 60 Days Money Back Guarantee –For almost two months, you can try all of their offerings. Once you feel unsatisfied about it, you are free to contact Numerologist support staff to ask for full refund. In short, this is risk-free.

Numerologist –The Bad4.Cons

  • Does not include religion aspect –There are some faiths which are against psychic reading, astrology and palmistry. Since “numerology” is quite related to these practices, you might wish to stay-away from anything of such nature.
  • Not suitable for Science Chauvinists –Those individuals who understand that science is the only one that holds the answer, you might end up avoiding numerology. There are numerous things that science can’t explain. The things considered to be true by scientist years ago are now seen differently.
  • Obligates Reading –Not all people adore reading long information about them. And, this makes them feel bored. Since each report is composed of 70-100 pages, non-readers feel bad about it.
  • Offers Digital Format Only –This product can only be accessed online. Even if this provides lower cost and speed, those who prefer hard copy can’t have one. The only way you can use their product is through internet. If you have a low connection, you will definitely feel bad about it.

The Ultimate Question –Is Numerologist a Scam?

The answer is a big NO! As of the moment, the products of Numerologist were the leading items in the space. They provide accurate and detailed information which is not offered to anyone. The said reports were easy to read and well written. This makes it easier for them to apply the lesson and advice without any hesitation. This does not make them feel good but makes them even more motivated and aware as well.


Final Verdict

As discussed above, Numerologist by Mike Madigan’s is not for “everyone”. Once you feel that numerology disagrees with science or spiritual faith, you might end up not easily convinced by truthfulness or accuracy of the reports.

Similar to astrology, the results may not be fully explained by technology. Furthermore, the details indicated in the reports are quite absorbing. This is because this requires an extra time to read. This is especially for those who typically ski by means of documents and books. Bear in mind that this site does not provide a cheap and short report. If you want to empower yourself and transform life of good decision for your relationships, money, health, and career, then numerous offerings of Numerologist will serve as your ultimate guide.

To get rid of curiosity and questions, you need to consider having one. Answers provided are accurate and highly dependable. Apart from the free numerology report on the initial month, you can also avail of their 2 month-money back guarantee. Unlike any other site, this is highly risk free. Simply check out the site and view the products that suit your needs and budget.