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Try This Fun Way to Get Fit

Let’s face it. Exercise isn’t always fun. It’s tough to roll out of bed in the morning and head to the gym for a workout – and it’s just as hard to pull it off after a tough day at work. But what it there was a fun way to get fit that had the added benefit of making you weightless for brief periods of time? Try vertical jumping. Jumping on … Read More

Old School New Body – Only 90min a Week

Everyone likes to or wants to stay fit and fine. But with age, it becomes quite difficult as with age, one has to face loads of health related problems. They tend to become weak and cannot manage themselves properly. Physically, from the external point of view, they starts to have wrinkled muscles, their shapes start to get disfigured. To avoid these problems, Old School New Body is here with the best solution. … Read More

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods


The Truth About Fat Burning Foods tells you, that there are no magic foods that you can eat and lose extra fat over night. It is not possible to “triple your fat burning rate” or “lose 5 pounds over 1 night” like you may have seen in weight loss advertisements. Fat burning foods do exist, but they do NOT include “secret ingredients inside”. If you take all natural food, without any artificial … Read More