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By | July 11, 2015

At present, meal plans and diets are extremely time consuming and are even harder to sustain. They takes more time to prepare which is not ideal for on-the-go individuals. There are countless of diet programs offered in the market today that promise to be healthy, simple, easy and effective. But, they usually end up failing.

When it comes to diet program, your main goal is to find a diet that can supply you with enough carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If one of these programs seems to be disproportional to others, you can get the expected results that you most desire. You might end up with results you do not want. In view of this, you need to be introduced to Anabolic Cooking.anabolic cooking banner

Understanding the product and its use?

This is a well known program which helps people in eating food that promotes the most effective muscle building. This is not just a plain diet program as this allows you to learn more about the “best foods” to pack on those muscle pounds. Program is designed to match your strength and body building training program. This is because this is the only way that you can gain more muscles. With the “series of eBooks”, there is a package that can fuel the body in getting right amount and types of food.

Dave Ruel – The Author muscle-cook-Dave-Ruel

Dave Ruel is a well-known competitive bodybuilder who has won numerous championships in his “weight class”. Furthermore, he is also a certified fitness coach and nutritionist and is also known as a muscle cook because of his recipes. His main objective is to help people get rid of their extra weight or pack muscles without sacrificing a strict bland diet of boiled chicken, broccoli and baked potatoes.



In-depth Look at the product

As you scan the book, you will know more about the inspirational stories on how Dave Ruel transformed himself from “chunky weightlifter” to a “champion athlete”. Furthermore, this also provides some insights on how nutrition plays its role in the muscle building process. But, this is not actually an essential part of the book. Below are the recipes included in the cookbook:Dave-Ruel-the-muscle-cook

  1. Breakfast: Among breakfast recipes, you can find the most appetizing foods such as Low Carb Spinach Scramble, Zucchini Hash Brown and Vanilla Cream Oatmeal. The meals tend to be heavy when it comes to vegetable side, fruit and protein; while fairly low when it comes to starch or carb side. There are some other foods included. But the emphasis is more on the fiber and protein.
  2. The Poultry and Chicken Section: This section provides delicious recipes on how you can prepare for a turkey and chicken the right way like Chicken Pizza, Baked Crispy Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Fajitas and more. You can also use their delicious marinades to make chicken and turkey even more delicious. As stressed above, the recipes were heavy on veggies and meat.
  3. Pork and Red Meat: Majority of people adore this section. As you purchase, you can have a complete access on recipes such as the Jamaican Pork, Southwest Beef and Lebanese Beek Kebabs. Some recipes require rice and noodles. On the other hand, others require potatoes to complete the meal. Nevertheless, some individuals focus on red meat which is the highlight of all bodybuilding diet.
  4. Seafood and Fish: Fish completes your diet. In view of this, the section provides some mouth watering recipes to help you prepare any seafood or fish dish like Cajun Shrimp, Poached Halibut, Creole Tilapia and a lot more. With regard to the bonus, you can get 15 recipes which you can use to prepare for canned tuna.
  5. Side, Salads and Soups: Some of the “salad recipes” included in the book are 3 Bean Salad, Chicken and Spinach Salad with Curry Dressing and Almond Chicken Salad. When it comes to soup, you can make use of their Anabolicious Gumbo, Slow Cooked Turkey Chowder and Chicken Barley Soup. Meal is not complete without the sides. This also includes Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Herbed Quinoa, Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and more. Also, try their Perfect Spaghetti Sauce, Gaucamole, and Guilt Free Spinach Dip.
  6. Bars and Snacks: Offerings are essential to bodybuilder’s diet. This includes Peanut Butter Protein Bars, Zucchini Bread, High Protein Fudge Bars, and more. The said snacks were fairly crab heavy. But, there is an added protein that help ensures muscles of getting the right amount of amino acid.
  7. Desserts: This section is definitely one of your favorite parts, right? If some diets do not include desserts, this will allow you to have the best dessert without any limit. You cannot prepare tasty treats such as Guilt Free Chocolate Sauce, Mango Lime Mouse, Banana Cream Pie, and more. Almost over 200 recipes that you can use.


The Good

  • The Product Value: For only $47, you can get more than 20 books that contain recipes, tips, details regarding the proper food and diet. These can all help you to lose weight or gain muscle effectively. The price is very affordable as compared to other diet programs.
  • The Product Recipes: Once you prepare any recipes of the book, you will realize that they were tasty. Since these are more than 200 recipes, you won’t run out of meal option. The eBooks layout makes it harder to skip specific recipe which you want to prepare. You will find a wide array of “meal options” that your family will enjoy. The eBooks layout makes it hard to skip specific recipe which you desire to prepare.
  • The Product Nutritional Details: With each meal and menu plan, you can see exactly what are included in the food. You can view the sum of calories, carbs, protein and fat. This is very helpful especially if you want to keep track of the elements.


The Bad

  • The features of the interior were bright yellow snapshot.
  • It takes several minutes to load if you have a lower internet connection.
  • This is not designed to be streamlined and sleek. But, this usually has its impact to the taste of other people.

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