Who’re We

RNG Health Blog is mainly a review site, which helps in different ways to digital item buyers, to get a detailed idea on what they are going to buy. Our main target is to provide in-depth detailed reviews on products of certain categories, which we find wroth spending money for.

Few things in RNG Health Blog which may benefit for You:

Digital items are very popular nowadays. But it’s hard to find what’s really inside the product. Because the product pages are mostly filled only with benefits and uses of those, and most of them are missing real user reviews, or atleast a detailed summery of what it’s actually about.

So we thought it will be useful to digital item buyers, if we provide in-depth reviews on the most effective items we found in top market places such as clickbank, cj and peerfly.

What we do is, we contact the digital product owners and get their permission to have a review copy or the actual product, and we summarize the pros and cons of the product. Normally the product owners send us the real customer reviews and comments they have received. So in this way you get to know from a person who actually have read or viewed the actual digital product you were interested on, and a good idea of what you’re spending your hard earned money on..

A Little About Us

Im glad to introduce myself, Im Andrew Watson, founder of RNG Health Blog. I know online customers face many problems when it comes to digital item buying. Many customers struggle to find out which is the best products that suites their needs. So I thought I should do what I can, and came up with this review website. I hope this will beneficial to you as a source of information and detailed product review blog, as well as finding out which product suites your current situation.


Andrew Watson

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